Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some Observations on Human Behavior

Are not the ones who praise a drug-free space also the most tempted to bring drugs to it? Are the ones who cry in empathy for the poor not actually rich? Is it not the case that those who despise intolerance are the most intolerant?

Don't those who scream "Revolution!" fear change? Are the people who demonize sex not the ones who crave it deeply, and they that oppose pornography not the same as those who suffer from addiction?

Are the polluters not the biggest deniers of global warming? Are the people opposing gay rights not in the closet? Are those who commit voter fraud not condemning it? Are those who speak of freedom not dreaming of fascism? Don't those with the most to give also complain the most about "hand-outs"?

Are the knowledgeable not the quietest and the ignorant not the loudest or do those who speak know, and those who don't not? Do those who boast not actually suck?

Are not those who cast suspicion the least trustworthy? Are those who push blame not riddled with guilt? Does a thief not secure her own goods?

Does laughter imply absence of sorrow?

Is hypocrisy human nature?

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